What Is Phenomenal? - How Does It Help With Mrsa Treatment?

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What Is pHenomenal? - How does it help with MRSA treatment?

If you have any interest in MRSA, (the Staph infection you can get in the hospital that can kill you), please read this short Q&A with the nation's leader in non-antibiotic recovery of MRSA. His name is Shannon Brown.
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Here is the question....

You may have been wondering, "what is pHenomenal?" Well, okay, so there's all this hype--it looks like water, but what in the world is this stuff?
pHenomenal is simply a water molecule that is bigger. We all know that H2O looks like. A big Oxygen with two little Hydrogens - it looks like a Mickey Mouse - you just have to draw the little face on it. So its H20. The Hydrogens are held apart at a certain distance. And it's the most stable thing on the entire planet.

So, what is pHenomenal? Let me go with a short explanation...
If you had just a regular glass of water and its "perfectly" H2O - one Oxygen and two Hydrogens all the way through. If you tested it, it would be a 7 pH. A lot of people get confused at this point. What does pH mean? It simply means "percentage" or "parts Hydrogen." That's all you're looking for. If its alkaline or acid, it comes down to "percentage Hydrogen." So, let's say you took this glass of water and poured some vinegar in there. Now you check the pH and it's a little bit lower, say it's now a 6. All that means is now there is more Hydrogen in the water than there was a minute ago. Adversely, that means there is less Oxygen than there were a minute ago. So, you checked the pH and it means it's more acidic. When you go lower on the pH scale it means there is more Hydrogen, therefore it is more "acidic." When you go higher on the pH scale it means there is more Oxygen, therefore it is more "alkaline."

So, we hear all the hype about stuff about being more "alkaline" means being more healthy. But the sad fact is, almost every beverage you can think of--besides milk--is acidic. Coffee is ridiculously acidic. Wine is more acidic than coffee. Tea. Sodas. We tested the pH on a Coke once. It was a 3.4! Unbelievably acidic!
With all those acidic beverages--all it means is they contain more Hydrogen that pulls the Oxygen ratio down. In other words, there is a free Hydrogen atom that finds and grabs up an Oxygen and binds to it. So, these Hydrogens bind up the Oxygen in our bodies. What happens is our bodies become lower and lower in Oxygen. This allows bacteria to ferment and grow.

Okay, I went on a tangent there...back to pHenomenal.

The geniuses that invented pHenomenal bound three water molecules together. That makes a molecule of H6O3. Then they figured out how to pluck one of those Hydrogens off of that molecule. That's it. So now you have a larger water molecule of H5O3. So, it's missing a Hydrogen.
What does that do? It makes it so that it's ridiculously alkaline. It's so far up there! The pH scale only goes to 14. pHenomenal is at 13.2 in the concentrate.

Now, here's the miracle--its not harmful, because it doesn't have a personality (if you will) of that of a lot of strong alkalines or strong acids which can be very caustic. pHenomenal can't tear you up because it's just water!

So that's what pHenomenal is--extremely high alkaline concentrate. When that H5O3 molecule gets in your body it wants to make water. It looks for those free Hydrogens. Specifically in the case of MRSA, anybody who has it is loaded up with Hydrogens and are overly acidic with Lactic Acid. So, pHenomenal binds with those free Hydrogens, turns the molecule back into a big water (H6O3) and you urinate it out and it's gone! It's not harmful. It's very clean and efficient. It's never been done before... ...It's awesome! That's what it is.

We will see you in our next video and article.

Go to our website. Read the testimonials. You can get rid of MRSA. You must get rid of the Lactic Acid. If you do, you'll win the battle.

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MRSA can be stopped by understanding its relationship with lactic acid.
We will see you in our next video and article.

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What Is Phenomenal? - How Does It Help With Mrsa Treatment?

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