Sleep Apnea Treatment Options

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There are a number of approaches used to address problems in patients suffering from sleep apnea. While it may be best to seek the help of a professional, what follows are a few suggestions to follow in order to help yourself live a normal life and get restful sleep again.

Items You'll Need:

- Bed Raisers
- Diet Plan
- Walking Shoes
- Mask

Treatment Option 1 - If you've done the research and concluded or suspect that you suffer from sleep apnea, the first step is to contact your general physician. Your doctor will likely provide you with a specially designed apnea mask which is made to fit the shape of your face and forces air into your lungs while you are asleep.

Treatment Option 2 - Another treatment option that you can do yourself is to raise the headboard on your bed a good three to five inches from the floor with bed raisers. This will help by allowing gravity to pull the weight of your body downward, thus removing much of the pressure in your throat and helping you to breathe in a less restricted manner.

Treatment Option 3 - Sleep apnea is also quite common among those with hypertension and who have a habit of binge eating. As such, an additional treatment option revolves around the idea of maintaining a regular diet with a set eating schedule. This will aid in lowering you blood pressure while also decreasing the risk for additional symptoms.

Treatment Option 4 - In many instances, symptoms are linked to individuals who are not overly active. Even those who are in generally good health can put themselves at risk for sleep apnea by working in a desk or chair which requires little to no movement throughout the day. This can be treated by taking quick walks around the office building a couple times a day. Once again, this will help with blood flow circulation, and also give you an excuse to leave that old desk every now and again.

Treatment Option 5 - Those who suffer from excessive weight problems are generally more prone to symptoms as well. This can be treated through a combination of options 4 and 5, by eating right and making a commitment to better your exercise routine. Not only will your symptoms start to diminish, but you just might enjoy the way you begin to look and feel as well.

Treatment Option 6 - Once you've implemented each of these steps, it's time to check in with your general physician. While your symptoms may have diminished, it will be up to him/her to decide whether any additional corrective measures should be implemented. Be sure to follow any and all doctor instructions and keep moving forward on each of the steps. In the worst case scenario, you just might be preventing sleep apnea or some other type of condition down the road.
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Sleep Apnea Treatment Options

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