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When choosing a shin splints treatment plan, there are several factors that you should account for. For each individual, the amount of time that they have had the injury and the severity of the pain is different. This is why you should find the treatment that is right for you.  

Here are three top methods that are used to treat shin splints.


If your pain is very severe, a physiotherapy course may be in order. The physiotherapist that you consult will look at the nature of the injury and then tell you which shin splints treatment plans would be best for you. The most often used physiotherapeutic treatments involve using interferentials, which are electrodes that halt pain messages delivered to the spinal cord, or an ultrasound treatment, which will help to reduce inflammation and the sore feeling. Physiotherapists also tell you about some exercises to perform at home between therapy sessions. Also they will likely give you directions to ice the painful area until the pain resides.


The best shin splints treatment method may be surgery in some cases. This is an extreme solution,  but if the problem has been long-lasting and other treatment methods have not gotten rid of the pain, it may be the only solution left. Your doctor will be able to determine if it is be necessary. If you are serious about curing yourself of this bad injury, surgery may be something to think about. The majority of people do not need to go to this extreme.

Strengthening Exercises

The last shin splints treatment that I will be telling you about is strengthening exercises for your muscles. These are the best and easiest option for most people. The exercises are often easy to do, free, and very effective in treating shin splints. There are hundreds of exercises and stretches that work! For more information, see the other article in my signature.

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Shin Splints Treatment

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This article was published on 2010/04/02