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What is scoliosis? Before engaging in treatment of this disease, it is a wise thing to comprehend what it is. This disease can affect all people at any age. Curving of the spinal cord is a common characteristic of this condition. The symptoms one is likely to experience are chronic fatigue, back pains, problems with digestion, headaches, menstruation disturbances, pains in the legs, knees and legs and problems with breathing. If you experience these kinds of problems, then you need to see a physician for a checkup. After positive diagnosis then the doctor recommends scoliosis treatment.


The treatment may have good outcome if started at an early stage of disease development. Thus, doctors recommend one to get help very early before things get out of hand. The treatment of scoliosis may involve surgery or none at all. Although there are no ultimate answers to treatment of this condition, a lot is happening in terms of research to get the appropriate method that works best.


The specialists have well considered these for the treatment of this spinal condition.


* Observation – this is when the patients are kept under scrutiny to see when the curve of the spinal cord is at its least. If the spine specialist discovers the curve to be at least20-30 degrees depending on the age of the patient and symptoms one is experiencing, treatment starts immediately. One then goes to see the specialist after every six months.


* Surgery – this is where the surgeon fuses the spinal column into a normal framework depending on the location and the extent of the curvature. This method of treatment is highly recommended for the patients with more severe spinal curvature.


* Bracing – the method best recommended for young children due to their increased growth rate. They are at a higher risk of developing scoliosis curves. Although it does not treat an already existing condition, it does control it from getting worse.


There also exist other methods of scoliosis treatment. These include chiropractic manipulation, electrical stimulation, and physical therapy, among others. These forms of treatment have only relieved the symptoms of the ailment. To completely get rid of the disease using these methods is not possible. Doing physical exercises and sports is also helpful to strengthen the spinal column and one should not worry about of making the condition worse.


Treatment of scoliosis by surgery has the best results however; it is a long procedure and a complex one too. Before the surgery, the doctor must advice the patient on the procedure expected as well how they are supposed to walk after surgery. Knowing the risks involved in the treatment is wise. With this, the surgeon is ready to do the real job. The surgeon makes incisions at the back joining two metal rods to the spinal column. The spine then heals slowly and the metal rods help hold the spine in place and must remain there to avoid surgery. Eventually the scoliosis treatment is complete. The results are good and the back straightens. With no complications after surgery, the patient may heal completely in a year's time.

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Scoliosis Treatment

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This article was published on 2010/11/12