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Lymphedema treatment involves a treatment known as Complete Decongestive therapy. This consists of draining of the fluids thru a massage, compression bandaging, exercise and skin care. The main aim of this therapy is to get rid of the stagnated proteins and fluids and to restore the circulation of the lymph. The treatment should begin at the beginning stages, because mild lymphedema is commonly reversible. This treatment therapy is time consuming, uncomfortable and inconvenient but the sole one which can help to control the condition.

Cleanliness is vital to get rid of the bacteria and waste collecting on the skin surface. A regular inspection of the skin helps to spot open wounds or cellulitis that’s developing. Cleaning of the skin is important to prevent infections. However , even with the best of skin care some lymphedema patients may come up against recurring bouts of cellulitis. These need to be treated at the earliest possible chance to avoid sepsis and further complications . It is a good practice for lymphedema sufferers to keep their weight in hand as it helps to manage the condition much simply. Patients should avoid tight clothing or jewelry so that it does not have a constricting effect. Another care that must be taken is to avoid any injury, even a minor one. If at all there is a cut or bruise, it must be handled immediately before it gets infected.

Using compression clothes is an essential component of lymphedema treatment ; patients are required to wear them at all times during the day. The garment might be removed at night but the influenced limb must be kept at an elevated position to plug the circulation. Compression garments must fit correctly to afford the best compression. An ill-fitting garment, besides being uncomfortable for the patient, will be completely pointless in exerting the pressure needed to keep the swelling down. Exercises as instructed by the specialist are crucial to keep the lymphatic fluids in circulation. Exercising generally, promotes the ‘feel-good’ factor that assists in the healing of the body.

Surgery is not suggested as a treatment technique for lymphedema. However , for patients who suffer from severe lymphedema that harms daily activity or doesn’t make a response to the typical methods of treatment, surgery could be an option. In such cases, surgery might be performed to cut back the volume of the affected limb so as to improve the functionality and help the standard treatment methods. Surgical methodologies involve the removal of the tissue build up or surgical intervention to boost the lymphatic drainage.

Alternative techniques of lymphedema treatment are gaining in popularity as folks try and find new ways of managing this ailment. The employment of some herbs is said to improve lymphatic flow and reduce inflammation. Some patients turn to homeopathy in the hope of finding relief from the condition. Acupuncture, liposuction, magnetic care, light beam generator care, Kinesiology and laser treatment are some of the choices that may be used by patients in a quest to find a remedy for lymphedema.

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Lymphedema Treatment Care

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