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Liposuction is a very complex surgical treatment, and as such, patients should take the time and energy to prepare for it. Making yourself aware of just what to expect before, during, and after the procedure can make the whole process all the more easier to deal with. In this article, we will outline the preparation process.

Step 1 – Take the time to really research your treatment properly. Find out everything you can regarding the procedure, the physician performing it, and the recovery process. Knowledge is power, and will help to alleviate any anxiety while helping you to recovery quickly.

Step 2 – Discontinue the use of all medications that might interfere with clotting. This includes aspirin and Vitamin E among others. Make sure to talk with your general physician prior to kicking any medication.

Step 3 – Patients must quit smoking at least two weeks before their treatment. Smoking can inhibit blood flow, causing skin death and other complications during recovery.

Step 4 – Be prepared for your recovery. Gather any necessary items that you may need post-surgery and keep them in the area where you will be spending your recovery time. In addition, you may want to ask a close friend or family member to remain with you for the first 48 hours to ensure you’re alright.

Step 5 – Avoid shaving near the treatment area, as this can lead to ingrown hairs post-operation.

Step 6 – Be sure not to eat for drink after midnight, the evening prior to your treatment.

Step 7 – Make sure to discuss your medical history with your physician. Tell them about any current medications or allergies, while also outlining any past conditions. This will help the surgeon in determine the appropriate methods by which to perform the procedure.

Step 8 – On your surgery day, choose loose-fitting clothing to wear. You’ll be happy to slip into something comfortable to non-restrictive after your surgery.

Step 9 – Make sure you schedule ample time away from work. In some cases, you may want to take a couple weeks to get back to normal. Talk with your physician to determine the appropriate amount of time to take and schedule it as far ahead of time as possible.

Step 10 – Secure financing. Having your financing matters under control is a sure fire way to level stress. Without the worry of how you will afford it afterward, you will be able to recover in peace.

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Liposuction How To's

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This article was published on 2010/08/04