Finding an Effective Alzheimer Treatment

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Due to the advances in medical technology, we have learned more about mysterious ailments like Alzheimer’s disease. However, there are still a lot of things that we don’t understand about this disease, and researchers have not yet found a cure. Doctors can prescribe a particular Alzheimer treatment, but the effects are only limited to some of the symptoms. Alzheimer patients around the world are hoping that researchers and doctors can succeed in their mission of finding a better Alzheimer treatment.

Alzheimer’s disease is a type of dementia that happens when neurons or brain cells start to die, off and the chemical messengers between the brain cells cease begin to malfunction. As a result, the patients suffer a significant loss in memory and impaired reasoning, and will experience personality and behavior changes as the disease progresses. The disease will also impair their ability to communicate, and they may become very anxious or even aggressive. The patients’ choice of Alzheimer treatment will depend on the rate of development of the disease.

As the patient’s condition deteriorates, their families will have to make hard decisions about the appropriate treatment. Some Alzheimer patients choose to live at their homes, but they will eventually require 24 hours of care. Making the patient feel at ease with their environment by taking them away from any source of restlessness is an important part of any Alzheimer treatment.

The FDA has approved a number of prescription drugs for Alzheimer’s disease. These have been helpful in stabilizing the memory and thinking processes of some patients. Research and clinical trials are still being conducted in the hope of making more advances in Alzheimer treatment.

Some patients prefer not to use medication and turn to herbal remedies and dietary supplements instead. However, some caution must be observed with these products because they are untested and do not require the approval of the FDA. Patients should consult their doctors before they try this alternative Alzheimer treatment because of the potential side effects. Some herbal remedies and food supplements may also react violently when combined with prescribed medication.

Some patients have also turned to Vitamin E supplements and ancient Chinese medicine. A plant extract called Ginkgo Biloba is a popular Chinese Alzheimer treatment that can be effective for some patients. However, there is one troublesome side effect that affects blood clotting, and therefore this treatment must not be administered along with blood thinning drugs.

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Finding an Effective Alzheimer Treatment

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This article was published on 2006/11/14