Debunking Six Myths about Chiropractic Care

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Chiropractic care has proven to deliver exceptional results for people suffering with back pain, scoliosis, headaches, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, allergies, chronic fatigue, menstrual pain, and numerous others. Chiropractors use a variety of techniques such as manual adjustments and massage to treat conditions that arise from musculoskeletal disorders by using a variety of techniques that manipulate and adjust areas of the spine, soft tissue, tendons, and joints. Although chiropractic has been proven safe and effective for restoring mobility and relieving pain, many people still have misconceptions about this medical field. Before deciding on any treatment plan, a patient needs to have accurate knowledge that is based on research and experience, not conjecture.

Here are six myths about chiropractic care, and the truth.


Actually, the opposite is true. Chiropractic is considered one of the safest healthcare treatments, 250times safer than prescription painkillers [1] that only mask the pain and can lead to addiction. It is also far less invasive than surgery. In addition, chiropractors are five-year, university trained, healthcare professionals who are regulated by the government.


A qualified chiropractor knows how to manually adjust and manipulate the spine, joints, and soft tissue. Having undergone extensive training to become certified in this alternative medicine, the chiropractor is skilled in identifying the problem and providing virtually painless treatment to a painful condition. Those ‘pops’ that some people fear are the result of joints that are out of alignment (subluxation), which causes the build-up of nitrous oxide. When the bones are re-aligned, this gas is released, which makes the sound (much like knuckles cracking). It is usually the sound and not any physical sensation that causes a patient to wince.


Once your chiropractic treatment has restored your body’s alignment, you will enjoy more vitality andcomfort. A study published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics (March 2004)reported that chiropractic delivers more effective results than medical care for treating lower back pain in patients who have experienced the symptoms for a year or less.

The results are not temporary unless you re-injure an area. By following your chiropractor’s instructions and avoiding those activities that put you at risk for further injury, your results should last a long time. In order to maintain that well-being, you should plan to see your chiropractor once or twiceWWW.CHIROSPORTS.COM.AU | TEL. 02 9398 3699 | 166 CARRINGTON ROAD, COOGEE NSW 2034 | © CHIROSPORTS COOGEE PTY LTD a year for preventive check-ups. These visits enable your chiropractor to treat changes in your body before they become problematic and painful.


When compared to other options, such as surgery, chiropractic treatment is actually inexpensive and one of the most cost-effective options. In fact, the Workers Compensation Board reports that treatments have proven to cost 45 to 55 percent less than medical care.[2] You could have months of chiropractic treatment - if necessary - for less than the cost of a visit to the emergency room. In addition, because chiropractic is recognized as a safe, effective treatment option, many health insurance plans offer coverage for these services.


There is nothing magical or mystical about the results of chiropractic care. The diagnosis and treatment is  based purely on science. Because the spine is the center of the body’s nervous system, any disruptions or malformations create very real pain that presents itself in various ways. By easing subluxations, the chiropractor provides relief that can be experienced immediately or over a period of time, depending on the severity of the condition.


The duration of chiropractic treatment depends on the extent of the injury, but rarely will your plan require a lifelong commitment. However, it is recommended that you schedule periodic check-up once your care plan is completed, to ensure that you are maintaining optimal spinal health.


Michael Cohen is the Clinic Director of Chirosports Coogee and a co-founder of the Chirosports group. He graduated in 1990 from the Sydney College of Chiropractic (now known as Macquarie University) and the University of NSW and was awarded as the prestigious “Clinician of the Year” award for excellence in clinical studies and application. Prior to establishing Chirosports, Michael had been Assistant Director at the Centre for Chiropractic where he worked as a Lecturer, Clinical Supervisor and Clinical Competency Examiner for seven years, while also building a practice near Sydney. He also became involved with sporting teams as an injury and peak performance specialist, traveling overseas and interstate in his roles.

Michael studies extensively to ensure he is continually increasing his expertise and knowledge in new techniques. Michael practices Diversified, Activator Method, Thompson Technique, Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), Myofascial Release, and Cranial Therapy. One of his main career goals is to lead as many people as he can to achieve even better 'health for life.'

[1] Chiropractic in New Zealand: Report of the Commission of Inquiry. (1979). Hasselberg PD, Government Printer,

Wellington, New Zealand. [2] WCB, State of Victoria, Australia, 1992; Utah, 1991; Florida, 1988;Wisconsin, 1978;California, 1972


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Debunking Six Myths about Chiropractic Care

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This article was published on 2011/08/10