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Every parent searching for their child's perfect childhood ADHD treatment is faced with a myriad of choices. The trick of course is finding the one that best suits you child's unique situation. There is a very good likelihood that the type of doctor helping you find a childhood ADHD treatment solution will lean towards their professional training. In other words medical doctors will likely suggest prescription medication or medications while psychologist or psychotherapists will suggest behavioral therapy or some other form of treatment along those lines.

Perhaps finding the best childhood ADHD treatment is found somewhere in the middle with a combination of medications designed to stabilize brain neurotransmitter activity and counseling or therapy to help your child cope with the disorder. Also implementing structures, routines, a school intervention plan, and modified parenting techniques can also play a valuable role. 

Ritalin (methylphenidate) is the psychostimulant medication most often prescribed of children followed by Adderall (salts of d-and1-amphetamine) and Cylert (pemoline).These medications work by causing more dopamine or norepinephrine (or both) to be released into the brain synapses, thus causing more of the transmitter(s) to be retained in the synapses for a longer time. Side effects of Ritalin include sleep disturbances, loss of appetite, depression or sadness, headache, stomachache, and high blood pressure. All of these side effects disappear once the medication has been discontinued.

Perhaps the most effective of the behavioral childhood ADHD treatments is cognitive behavior therapy/counseling (CBT) which involves making changes to the way a child thinks and acts. This form of therapy is based on the premise that the way you feel and act is related to the way you talk to yourself. In one interesting and well funded recent study cognitive behavior counseling was compared to stimulant medications both in effectiveness and the patient's probability of relapse. The study results were surprising. Cognitive behavioral therapy showed to be equally effective as a treatment and the incidences of relapse were much lower. The one caveat is that sometimes children under the age of 5 simply aren't old enough to give the psychotherapist either the information or attention needed for the therapy to succeed. 

For children who have reached school age a certain degree of patience and understanding is need from parents and teachers, and they benefit from classroom environments adapted to fit their needs and from individualized education plans developed in collaboration with the school district.

As a child ADHD treatment there is no evidence to suggest that large doses of vitamins, wearing glasses with colored lenses, or chiropractic adjustments are effective in the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. 

Additionally, many parents have found success by combining CBT with natural remedies such as homeopathy. Homeopathic remedies for ADHD are safe for all ages and are void of the side effects so often associated with prescription drugs such as Ritalin. If you are looking for a natural treatment option for childhood ADHD homeopathy is certainly an affordable alternative worth considering.

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Childhood ADHD Treatment - General Information

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This article was published on 2010/03/27